Burglary & Theft

Theft is the number one crime on campus. You have been through a frightening and disruptive experience. Remember that what you are feeling is perfectly normal and will likely pass in time. Meanwhile, there are some things you can do to make this time easier and to make things better for yourself in the future.

What happens now?
  • If you find that an item has been stolen from a public place or someone has broken into your residence, call 9-1-1.
  • If you have a serial number, we enter into multiple law enforcement databases of stolen property. If it comes into law enforcement possession it will show reported as stolen. This will help us reunite you with your stolen item. We also contact local pawn shops to ensure your belongings will not be resold. If an electronic device has been stolen, we can also check by electronic serial number to see if the item comes up on the network.
  • We review security cameras to see if we can identify the suspect associated with the theft or burglary.
Emotional recovery
  • Talking about the experience is a very good way to put your feelings in order. Family and friends can be a great support. Reviewing the incident and processing the event can help you clarify what actually occurred.
  • Take enough time to complete any paperwork thoroughly. This may become important if you file a claim with your insurance.
  • Monitor your bank and credit accounts in the event that personal information was taken.
  • If you are frightened, get someone to stay at your home with you, or stay with a friend or family member for a night or two.
  • Counseling can help develop coping skills and strategies—allowing for the continuance of school, work or relationships.
  • Register your property using UTPD’s online database.
  • Register your bike with Parking and Transportation Services. This a free service and is required for all who bring bikes to campus including faculty and staff.
  • Come to UTPD during M-F (8-4 p.m.) to have property engraved. You may also do this on your own. You’ll want to mark your property with your state-issued driver’s license number.
  • Record all serial numbers of your devices. Take photos of jewelry or other items that cannot be traced by a number.