Submit Anonymous Tip

Livesafe app phone example of suspicious activity reporting

How to Submit a Tip to UTPD Anonymously

Reporting through the LiveSafe at UT Austin App is the fastest way to report suspicious activity since the information goes directly to dispatchers. If it is an immediate emergency, always call 911 first.

  • Download the LiveSafe at UT Austin app to text an anonymous tip to UTPD.
  • Select the Report Suspicious Activity or Report Incident button on the home screen of the LiveSafe at UT Austin app
  • Under the tip detail box, slide the blue tab to select "Send Anonymously"

​UTPD dispatch will receive your tip, but will not know your identity unless you decide to reveal it at a later time. UTPD dispatch will be able to see your location if your location services are enabled. You may submit tips directly to dispatch anonymously from any location. You do not have to be on campus within UTPD's area of service to directly submit a tip.

Other Reporting Options

  • Always Dial 911 first for immediate emergencies
  • UTPD has an Inquiries, Complaints and Commendations reporting email at
    • Please be prepared to provide the date, time and location of the event; the names of The University of Texas at Austin Police employees involved (if known); and the name, address and telephone number of any possible witnesses.