Crime Prevention Tips

Simple steps to prevent crime and increase your safety! 

see something say something

Be aware of your surroundings. See something, say something!

When walking, remember to remove one earbud so you can hear what's going on around you. If you see something suspicious, call 9-1-1 or use the LiveSafe app to report it. Contact UTPD any time you don't feel safe. Our officers are here to help! 

Keep belongings out of sight when you park your car

Remember, property thefts are the number one crime at the University, but theft often can be averted by eliminating temptation. Make sure to place valuables out of sight and always close car windows, lock all doors and take your keys with you.

Use a two-lock locking system when securing your bicycle on campus

Two locks take twice the time, tools and energy for a potential thief to defeat. The primary lock should be a U-shaped lock that uses a flat key, and the secondary lock a self-locking cable. Watch a video illustrating how to double-lock your bike. Also, take a few minutes and register your bicycle online with Parking and Transportation Services.

Don’t walk home alone

Call SURE Walk at 512-232-WALK (9255) and volunteers will meet you anywhere on campus and escort you to your destination. For transportation from campus to your off campus location, use UT Night Rides.
If you're heading from campus to areas west of campus, contact the West Campus Ambassadors

Avoid sleeping in public areas

The majority of crimes are crimes of opportunity in which victims lack general awareness. Sleeping in common areas on campus, such as the Texas Union or a library, provides criminals an opportunity to take advantage of exhausted students. If you must rest your eyes, wrap your arms around your belongings or keep your belongings under your head like a pillow.