Operations - This division is largely comprised of patrol officers. 

Within operations, there are district representative officers who continuously collaborate with the community. They find solutions to quality of life issues and are continually on watch for signs of existing threats or discovering new threats and addressing them. Their goal is to prevent incidents from occurring through early detection. Within this division, UTPD also has K-9 Teams and bike officers. 

The Investigations and Mitigation Division is comprised of specialized detectives who investigate misdemeanor and felony crime. The division strives to investigate and solve crimes in a timely manner with a positive outcome for the UT community and UT partners. In addition to solving crimes, detectives work to prevent incidents and behaviors that threaten the safety and well-being of the university community through early identification, assessment and intervention. 

Support, Staff and Events - This division is comprised of recruiting for UTPD, coordinating and providing security requests for large scale events on campus, internal affairs, CALEA accreditation, in-service training, 9-1-1 Dispatch call center, and civilian administrative staff.