Bike Unit - UTPD created a full-time Mountain Bike Unit in October 2014 to enhance safety and security.

Crime Prevention - The mission of the Community Outreach Unit is to foster a positive relationship between UTPD and all members of the diverse community we serve.

Crisis Negotiation - The mission of the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) is to preserve life during critical incidents by resolving conflict without the use of force.

District Representatives - Get to know the officer(s) assigned to your patrol district.

Honor Guard - The Honor Guard represents the department at funerals of fallen officers, memorial activities, academy graduation ceremonies, university events such as UT Remembers and other special law enforcement honor ceremonies approved by the chief of police.

K-9 Unit - The goal of the UTPD Police K-9 program is to enhance the effectiveness of our police officers in searching for and apprehending violent criminals, and locating evidence and explosive devices.