Safety on Campus and Beyond

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November 4, 2021

Earlier this week, President Hartzell issued a statement reemphasizing the university’s commitment to ensuring your safety on campus and in areas immediately outside our campus borders. The University of Texas Police Department (UTPD) appreciates the president’s and our community’s support. We hope that you have already noticed more UTPD officers in the high-density area of West Campus where so many of our students live. We have increased our staffing there to include officers on bikes, on foot, and in patrol cars. At night those officers will use their white alley lights to better illuminate dark parts of the street and the high traffic corridors. You will also notice more communications as we will incorporate the use of our LiveSafe at UT Austin app for informational notices issued for off campus situations. These are short-term solutions. UTPD will be partnering with university leadership to continue to develop additional, long-term options and solutions to enhance safety for the entire university community.

We know that safety is a partnership, and we need your help. We encourage you to take the following actions:

  • Call 911 anytime you feel unsafe – trust your instincts and let the officers arrive and assess the situation.
  • Utilize our LiveSafe at UT Austin application. The app allows you to text or send photos and videos directly to UTPD 911 dispatchers.
  • Don’t walk alone. Walk in groups or use one of the university’s safe travel options: SURE Walk, UT Night Rides, or the Virtual Walk feature on the LiveSafe app that provides you with a way to let someone on your contact list know where you’re headed.
  • Be aware of your surroundings - avoid wearing earbuds in both ears, look up, not down at your phone.
  • Follow UTPD’s official accounts for accurate information. The department utilizes one or more of the following methods of communication to post warnings:  text messages, campus wide email, social media (Facebook & Twitter), UT Emergency and home page, UTPD Incident Notification page, campus siren system, and closed-circuit television systems in residence halls and other buildings. All systems are tested monthly to provide familiarity to students.
  • Please encourage your family members to follow UTPD on our official social media channels (Facebook & Twitter) for accurate information.

We always want to hear from you. Email an officer with any non-emergency issues or if you are in West Campus, stop by UTPD West and visit with us in person.

We hope you never need us. We are here for you if you do.


Don Verett

Acting Assistant Vice President for Campus Security and Chief of Police