Calls for Service

A "Call for Service" s any call received by UTPD. Not all Calls for Service (CFS) lead to an incident report, but all incident reports start as a Call for Service. The view on the dashboard can be changed by using the Date of Call slider, District boxes, and/or clicking on a specific Nature of Call type in the filter column to the right of the info graphic.

Each bubble on the info graphic represents a CFS Nature Code (Nature of Call) which is related to how the caller characterized the situation being reported. These are similar to Incident titles. The bigger the bubble, the larger the number of that nature of call. Hover over the bubble to see the Nature of Call and the Number indicating how many calls UTPD received for that Nature of Call for the parameters set. "Not Assigned" represents incidents involving UT affiliated persons (students, staff, faculty, etc) that occur elsewhere on a global map.