Crime Victim - Next Steps

If a suspect was arrested on scene, they will be taken to Travis County Central Booking (512) 854-9033.

You can look up an inmate by visiting, clicking on “Inmate Search”, and entering the required information (suspect’s last name and first initial). If the person is currently in custody, you will be able to see the charge and bond amount.

While in custody, the suspect will be interviewed by Pretrial Services to determine what type of bond they are eligible for. Pretrial Services then makes a recommendation to the judge. You may contact Pretrial Services to convey safety concerns and make suggestions about bond/release.

Pretrial Services: (512) 854-9381

If a suspect was not arrested at the scene, and the reported incident was determined to be a crime, the case will be assigned to a detective. You may contact UTPD at (512) 471-4441 (option 9) for assistance in determining the assigned detective.

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