2021 CALEA Community Survey Results

The University of Texas at Austin Police Department (UTPD) conducts a University-wide survey with students and employees every two years. The survey provides an opportunity for the department to gain information about how community members view the quality of its service and at the same time, better understand and respond to their thoughts and concerns regarding safety on campus. The survey is being conducted as part of the police department’s accreditation process through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). CALEA requires certain questions; others are designed by UTPD to help guide and improve its service delivery. Read a message from Acting Chief Don Verett (PDF).

When was the last time you interacted with UTPD?

No interaction 54.47%, Interacted more than a year ago 25.28%, Interaction within the last year 20.25%

I feel safe and secure on campus.

Strongly Agree 25.48%, Agree 48.75%, Neither agree nor disagree 15.18%, Disagree 8.02%, Strongly Disagree 2.56%


I feel confident UTPD will effectively handle a public safety crisis.

Strongly Agree 24.47%, Agree 40.81%, Neither agree or disagree 21.40%, Disagree 7.39%, Strongly Disagree 5.92%

I feel comfortable reporting a safety concern or crime to UTPD.

Strongly Agree 40.78%, Agree 36.67%, Neither agree nor disagree 11.30%, Disagree 5.92%, Strongly Disagree 5.34%

If you selected that you would not feel comfortable reporting a concern or crime to UTPD, please indicate why.

Not applicable 74.97%, Past unfavorable encounters by other individuals known to you 7.66%, Past personal unfavorable encounter with police other than UTPD 6.43%, Other 5.10%, Past personal unfavorable encounter with UTPD 3.43%, Barriers to reporting such as communication 2.41%

I feel UTPD officers treat people with dignity and respect.

Agree 35.37%, Neither agree or disagree 30.06%, Strongly Agree 27.24%, Disagree 3.69%, Strongly Disagree 3.63%

In what location are you most concerned about your safety on campus?

Parking Garages and Parking Lots 87.03%, Academic Buildings and Classrooms 7.23%, Administrative Buildings and Offices 2.97%, Residence Halls and Dining Facilities 1.78%, Athletics Facilities .99%

What is your primary safety concern in the above area you selected?

Crimes against people (Assault) 57.73%, Crimes against property (Theft/Vandalism) 19.80%, Transient Crime 15.04%, Outdoor lighting and infrastructure 6.83%, Alcohol and drug violations .61%

What could officers do to improve safety in those areas?

Have a more visible presence 37.89%, Add or remove infrastructure (lighting, emergency phones, brush, etc.) 22.04%, Increase foot and bike patrols 18.71%, Increase engagement and interaction with the community 11.17%, Other 10.19%

What is your primary safety concern in areas away from campus?

Crimes against people (Assault) 59.81%, Crimes against property (Theft/Vandalism) 17.10%, Transient Crime 13.75%, Other 4.68%, Outdoor lighting and infrastructure 3.52%, Alcohol and drug violations 1.14%

Have you downloaded the free LiveSafe at UT Austin phone app that allows users to instantly text and send photos and videos to UTPD 911 dispatch?

I did not know about it until now 63.11%, I'm not sure if I would use it 14.10%, Yes 12.53%, I don't see a need 10.26%

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