Response to Governor Abbott sending DPS into West Campus

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October 8, 2020

We thank Governor Abbott for providing the support of the Texas Department of Public Safety to help maintain safety in West Campus where we know many of our students live. We welcome the partnership and assistance as we are enacting an expansion of coverage of our own to be a part of the off-campus policing solution. It is evident our main law enforcement partner, the Austin Police Department (APD), needs more help.

I have previously expressed my concern over fewer APD officers available across the city due to the ever-growing vacancies. We know a great many of our students live in areas outside of West Campus. We also worry about our population to our north and along Riverside where two robberies occurred this week. I encourage the governor to continue to monitor the situation unfolding in our city. 

We again are thankful for the intervention. I will continue to coordinate with DPS leadership on how we can integrate with their efforts as I have past years when they have been so kind to support us in trying times.  


David Carter

Assistant Vice President of Campus Security and Chief of Police