K-9 Unit


The K-9 Unit was created to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. Since Sept. 11, 2001, UT administrators have tried to provide for better public safety by changing procedures for how large gatherings are handled. The university felt that an explosive-detecting dog would be a valuable addition to the security of the campus because the campus is a venue for many large sporting events, concerts and other public gatherings.

Off-duty police service dogs live with their handlers, becoming an integral part of those families. Contrary to popular belief, police service dogs are selected, in large part, based on their sociability, intelligence and courage. The obedience and desire to please their handlers are the foundation of a reliable police service dog.

The goal of the UTPD Police K-9 program is to enhance the effectiveness of our police officers in searching for and apprehending violent criminals, and locating evidence and explosive devices. The UTPD K-9 teams train with other agencies and provide K-9 support to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The K-9 Unit enables UTPD to sweep for explosives before events begin and will help provide the public with a little more peace of mind.

Each canine and its handler completed five weeks of instruction at a K-9 training facility in Texas. UTPD currently has three K-9 teams on campus that are trained in explosive detection and criminal apprehension.