Public Order Division

The Public Order Division was created in August of 2019. The officers who make up this division focus on rapid response to large scale threats such as an active shooter and other issues requiring a coordinated force. Members who make up this unit include our Counter Assault Strike Team or CAST (UTPD's version of a SWAT team), K-9 Team and bike officers. Learn more about those teams below.

Officers standing by Littlefield Fountain

K-9 Team

K9 officers and dogs standing for a photo

UTPD incorporated the use of K-9 teams to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. Since Sept. 11, 2001, UT administrators have tried to provide for better public safety by changing procedures for how large gatherings are handled. The university felt that explosive-detecting dogs would be a valuable addition to the security of the campus because the campus is a venue for many large sporting events, concerts and other public gatherings.

Off-duty police service dogs live with their handlers, becoming an integral part of those families. Police service dogs are selected, in large part, based on their sociability, intelligence and courage. The obedience and desire to please their handlers are the foundation of a reliable police service dog.

The goal of the UTPD Police K-9 program is to enhance the effectiveness of our police officers in searching for and apprehending violent criminals, and locating evidence and explosive devices. The UTPD K-9 teams train with other agencies and provide K-9 support to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Bike Officers

Bike officers watching traffic on campus

UTPD created a full-time Mountain Bike Unit in October 2014 to enhance safety and security. The primary goals of the unit were to:

  • Encourage more positive community relations by making police officers highly visible and approachable
  • Reduce response times to calls for service through rapid local response
  • Proactively assist with community issues and concerns within our campus community
  • Provide increased presence in near campus areas to address our community members’ safety and security concerns

Officers can now be seen patrolling on bikes during our day time and night time shifts. Because of their ability to rapidly respond to incidents on campus, bike officers fall under the quick reaction Public Order Division.