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Commissioned Officers

The Field Operations Division functions as the tactical operations division for the department. Over 60 commissioned police officers are our most publicly visible representatives of the department and are dispatched by police communications operators by radio.

As the primary responsibility of this division, UT Austin officers are on constant patrol of the campus to prevent crime, to preserve the peace, and to protect life and property by enforcing the Texas state laws, and The University of Texas Regents Rules and Regulations.

UTPD officers patrol the campus by car, bicycle, and foot. Uniformed police officers provide safety to students living in campus housing by monitoring resident’s late-entry access, checking exterior doors and patrolling halls.

Job description from UT System (PDF).


Officer Step Pay

Supplemental Pay

Officers may be entitled to an education or peace officer certificate supplemental pay:



Other Supplemental Pay (eligibility requirements)

Premium Pay

HR has more information available on hazardous/longevity pay.

Comprehensive Compensation Example (PDF)


Complete requirements are available from UT System. The following is a summary:

Education Requirements

Health and Physical Requirements

Additional Requirements


An applicant who falls into any of the following categories is ineligible to be licensed and will not be considered:

For other possible drug disqualifiers contact Sgt. Moore.

Application Process

The selection process is comprised of phases in which a series of tests and examinations, integral to the background investigations, are administered. A rigorous and challenging selection process will identify those individuals best qualified for employment with this department.
* indicates order may be changed due to scheduling.

  1. Phase 1 —Application for employment and résumé posting on UT Austin Job Search
  2. Phase 2 — Tests
    1. Written examination (Cadet and communication operator applicants only)
    2. Physical fitness test (Cadets and TCOLE Commissioned Peace Officers)
    3. Firearm qualification (TCOLE Commissioned Peace Officers)
  3. Phase 3 — Police Application Packet (Cadets and TCOLE Commissioned Peace Officers)
    1. Personal History Statement
    2. Pre-Employment Polygraph Questionnaire
    3. Conditional Offer of Employment
  4. Phase 4 — Oral Interview Board
  5. Phase 5 — Background Investigation
  6. Phase 6 — Background Board
  7. Phase 7 — Chief’s Interview
  8. Phase 8 — Polygraph Examination *
  9. Phase 9 — Medical Test *
    1. Extended physical
    2. Vision examination
  10. Phase 10 — Psychological exam *
  11. Phase 11 — Drug screen *

The University of Texas at Austin is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, citizenship status, Vietnam era or special disabled veteran's status, or sexual orientation. This is not a contract expressed or implied. Benefits subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for errors or changes.