2019 CALEA Citizen Survey Results

Every three years UTPD holds a civilian survey as required by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. Below you will find the results from the latest survey that ran from March 6-20 of 2019. A total of 4,590 UT Austin community members responded. 

I feel safe and secure on campus

23% Strongly Agree, 55% Agree 

I am confident UTPD will effectively handle any crisis

24% Strongly Agree, 50% Agree 

If you have had an interaction with a UTPD officer, how would you rate the officer’s level of competency, attitude and behavior while performing their job?

53% Excellent, 32% Good 

What would you like to see more of regarding UTPD’s service?

42% Walking on campus, 23% Officers on bike, 19% Prevention & education

Would you feel comfortable reporting crime or a safety concern to a UTPD officer?

96% Yes

What is your biggest concern regarding crime ON campus?

23% Threats/ Attacks, 21% Burglary/ Theft, 21% Traffic Violations, 16% Dating Violence, 13% Transient Crime

What is your biggest concern regarding crime in the areas immediately OFF campus?

28% Transient Crime, 21% Threats/ Attacks, 20% Burglary/ Theft, 16% Dating Violence, 10% Traffic Violations

Do you feel safer while ON campus?

90% Yes

I am following one or more of the department’s social media pages (Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram)

28% Yes, 72% No

My preferred social media site is:

34% Facebook, 26% Instagram, Twitter 21%, Snapchat 4%

Does UTPD effectively communicate with you about issues of concern?

83% Yes