UTPD Policy Manual

The University of Texas at Austin Police Department's Policy Manual is no longer published online


A1 Body Armor
A2 Mandatory Reading Board
A3 Sick Leave
A4 Communicable Diseases
A5 Emergency Driving in Non-Pursuit and Pursuit Situations
A6 Implementation of Crime Victim’s Compensation Act
A7 Mobile Video/Audio Recording Equipment
A8 Timely Warning
A9 Bias-Based Profiling
A10 Ride Along Program
A11 Seizure and Forfeiture of Contraband
A12 Use of Force
A13 Duty Weapons / Lethal & Less-Lethal
A14 K-9 Unit
A15 Special Response Team
A16 Emergency Messages
A17 Cellular Telephones


B1 Promotions and TCOLE Proficiency Certification Commissioned Officers
B2 Cash Receipts Control Petty Cash Funds
B3 Community Trust / Law Enforcement Role and Authority
B4 Internal Affairs
B5 Emergency Information File
B6 Equipment, Supplies, and Reference Sources
B7 Firearms and Qualification Standards
B8 Honor Guard/Color Guard
B9 Immunization Program/Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis Vaccination
B10 Shift Transfers
B11 Line of Duty Death
B12 Off-Duty or Secondary Employment
B13 Organizational Structure
B14 Procedures for Overtime Assignment
B15 Police Service Award
B16 Psychological Guidance / Assistance
B17 Release of Information
B18 Release of Information on Students
B19 Liability Protection Program
B20 Review of Fleet Collisions
B21 Review of Personnel Records
B22 Serial Accountability for Citations
B23 Police Chaplain Program
B24 Temporary Alternative Assignments
B25 Use of Discretion
B26 Written Directive System
B27 Use of Outside Hardware and/or Software
B28 Early Warning Intervention
B29 Crime Analysis
B30 Planning and Research
B31 Administrative Reporting
B32 Courtesies to the Flag
B33 Social Media and Networking