Crime Prevention Presentation Request

Programs and presentations given by UTPD Crime Prevention Unit:

Alcohol Laws and Fatal Vision (1 hour)

Too Much: The Extreme Danger of Binge Drinking

Fatal Vision is a police run program whose namesake is taken directly from the technology that makes it possible — Fatal Vision goggles. When Fatal Vision goggles are worn, they allow an individual the opportunity to experience the dangers of impairment from drugs and alcohol without suffering the all-to-real consequences. They have a first-hand account of impairment of driving skills, coordination, and personal judgment.

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Make Your Mark

Theft of personal property is the most common crime in many jurisdictions in America. This is no different for The University of Texas at Austin campus. Theft has been the most predominant crime on the UT campus for decades. To help protect your property, The UTPD recommends you mark your property with your state issued driver’s license number. For years, the UT Police department has loaned out engravers from their police department and through UT Housing and Food dormitory front desks. To take this initiative one step farther, the UT Police Department will bring several engravers to your group for an engraving party. Your group can take time to practice engraving on a piece of metal or a piece of plastic before you Make Your Mark on your own property.

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Personal Safety (50 minutes)

If you would like to know simple ways to address personal safety concerns i.e., aggressive panhandling, potential robbery, and attempted kidnapping - schedule the Personal Safety Program. You will also learn about personal safety devices. You may even get to try your hand at pepper spray (don’t worry it’s fake spray).

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Active Shooter Response (1 hour)

In the presentation, participants engagr in a practical discussion about options to take in an active shooter situation.

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