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Title Administration / Policy B-9
Effective Date 06-05-09
Rescinds 12-19-05
Subject Hepatitis & Tuberculosis Screening Programs
Purpose To inform officers of contagious diseases which they could come in contact with during the course of their duties and to offer officers an immunization program for Hepatitis and a screening program for Tuberculosis.
Scope This directive applies to commissioned officers.
  1. Hepatitis virus immunization and Tuberculosis testing will be made available to all commissioned officers and the following shall apply:
    1. Participation in the immunization program will be on a voluntary basis and at no cost to the officer.
    2. The immunization program will be administered by University Health Services or appropriate medical personnel.
    3. If an officer initially declines to participate in the Hepatitis immunization or tuberculosis screening program they can decide at a later date to participate, and the vaccination series and tuberculosis screening to shall be made available at that time.
    4. If an officer chooses not to participate in the immunization program they will be required to acknowledge a mandatory declination form. The training division maintains these forms.
    5. The declination is not a waiver of rights or benefits under a federal laws or workers’ compensation. It is only a documented record that this department has fulfilled four of its responsibilities under the standard:
      1. To inform employees of their status as occupationally-exposed.
      2. To offer employees the immunization and testing program.
      3. To train employees on specific aspects of the immunization and testing program.
      4. To document that the above three have been accomplished.