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Title Administration / Policy B-8
Effective Date 8-1-04
Subject Honor Guard/Color Guard
Purpose To provide an honor guard for deceased police officers, guards, family members, and other special law enforcement honor ceremonies as approved by the Chief of Police. To determine eligibility and assignment of officers to honor guard operations. To determine when the honor guard will be deployed and practices to be followed when deployed.
Scope This directive applies to commissioned officers.
  1. Responsibilities:
    1. The senior officer assigned is designated commander of the honor guard. The commander will maintain a list of officers eligible for honor guard duty. When notified by the Chief of Police, will select an honor guard from the officers on the list.
    2. The commander is responsible for briefing, operation of the honor guard and transportation.
    3. The honor guard will not render salutes by means of discharge of weapons.
    4. Uniform will be Class “A” with white gloves, white ascot, navy blue campaign hat, patent leather combat style boots, navy blue fourrageres, and black patent leather gear.
    5. The officer in charge of the detail at the scene will contact the individual in charge of the funeral operation and request specific advice and instructions on timing, location of honor guard, and maneuvers in the ceremony.