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Title Administration / Policy B-5
Effective Date 02-16-09
Rescinds 03-15-08
Subject Emergency Information File
Purpose To ensure specified emergency information is available to the shift commander for emergency reference.
Scope This directive applies to all personnel.
  1. Information File:
    1. An employee emergency data file for each employee will be kept in Global Records under the "Personnel & Training" tab. The following information will be included:
      1. Full name
      2. Current address
      3. Telephone number
      4. Date of birth
      5. Driver’s license number
      6. Blood type (if known)
      7. Marital status
      8. Emergency contact information, include phone number and address
      9. Any other important information may be written in the notes
    2. A new file will be completed during orientation as employees start work. In conjunction with the annual performance evaluation, a review will be made by the direct supervisor to ensure the information is up to date.