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Title Administration / Policy B-32
Effective Date 8-28-08
Subject Courtesies to the Flag
Purpose To set guidelines for rendering the proper courtesy to the National Colors and the National Anthem.
Scope This directive applies to all personnel.

As members of the police profession and as employees of the University of Texas, we honor our nation and the flag of our country. We will show this on public occasions by rendering the appropriate honors and courtesies due.

  1. Patriotic Courtesies:
    1. When the National Anthem is played and/or when the Flag is passing or is being raised or lowered:
      1. Uniformed personnel will place their right hand over their heart.
      2. Uniformed personnel who are wearing headgear (except the dress hat) will remove their hats and hold them at their left shoulder with the hand over the heart.
      3. Those wearing a dress uniform or wearing a dress hat will render a hand salute.
      4. Personnel in civilian clothes will place their right hand over their hearts.
    2. During playing of the National Anthem, employees must render the courtesy beginning with the first note and hold until the last note is played. They should face the flag if it is displayed or face the music if it is not.
    3. During a flag raising or lowering ceremony, employees must render the courtesy when the flag starts its ascent/descent and end it when the flag has been fully raised/lowered.
    4. While the rendering of the courtesies is important, this does not mean officers should compromise the safety of the public or themselves. Officers on special assignments or under special conditions may not be able to render the courtesies safely.