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Title Administration / Policy B-30
Effective Date 2-19-10
Rescinds 4-1-07
Subject Planning and Research
Purpose This policy is meant to set guidelines for establishing and maintaining a planning and research function..
Scope This directive applies to all personnel.
CALEA Chapter 15
  1. The Accreditation Manager is responsible for the coordination of activities associated with the planning and research function of the department. The formal function will include but is not limited to the following:
    1. Multi-year planning completed by the Chief and Assistant Chief
    2. Annual Budget review completed by the Assistant Chief of Police
    3. Annual update of written goals and objectives completed by the Chief, Field Operations Captain, and the Support Services Captain
    4. Crime analysis completed by the Crime Analyst
    5. Traffic accident and enforcement analysis completed by the Field Operations Captain
    6. Crime prevention initiatives completed by the Crime Prevention Unit
    7. Community Policing report completed by the Community Resource Coordinator
    8. Preparation of the Annual Report to reflect statistics and achievements of the department
    9. Maintenance of fleet status and projection of future police vehicle needs completed by the Fleet Manager
    10. Compiling calls for service studies reflecting trends and patterns for future planning
    11. Periodic workload analysis completed by the shift commanders
  2. All employees of the department engage in planning. While the Accreditation Manager coordinates the planning and research function, all employees are expected to assist and offer input through their supervisor on issues and activities affecting the department.
  3. Personnel from various units or divisions may be called upon to assist in departmental planning functions.
  4. The information provided in these reports shall be discussed by commanders and the weekly commander’s meetings to assist in the decision making process for the allocation and deployment of departmental resources and personnel.
  5. It is the responsibility of each supervisor to disseminate to members of their shifts and units information relevant to the operation of the shift or unit. Results of studies or discussion at staff meetings must be passed on to each and every member of the department to accomplish the successful completion of any common goal.