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Title Administration / Policy B-22
Effective Date 4-23-07
Rescinds 8-1-04
Subject Serial Accountability for Citations
Purpose To assure an unbroken chain of serial number accountability for citations.
Scope This directive applies to all personnel.

Court appearance and UT Parking and Transportation Services (UTPTS) citation books will be issued in numerical order. All numbered tickets, including spoiled or voided, will be turned in by no later than the end-of-shift of the duty day in which the ticket was used.

  1. Records:
    1. Store completed and voided tickets and issue log to assure unbroken serial number accountability for paper ticket citations.
    2. Files for handwritten tickets (yellow copy) will be stored until end of fiscal year plus 3 years.
    3. Will issue court appearance and UTPTS citation books to officers. In their absence, the shift commander will perform this task.
    4. Records will be responsible for notifying the procurement officer regarding court appearance and UTPTS citation books.
    5. Will keep a log of beginning and ending number on each ticket book.
    6. Supervisors who accept court appearance tickets at the end of shift will assure that tickets turned in by each writer are forwarded to the records unit, along with affidavit and complaint.
  2. Officers:
    1. Will assure that ticket books are maintained and used only by the officer to whom issued. Upon completion of a ticket book, the officer will sign and turn in the front cover of the book, which displays the beginning and ending number.