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Title Administration / Policy B-21
Effective Date 02-20-09
Rescinds 08-01-04
Subject Review of Personnel Records
Purpose To establish policy for access to personnel records.
Scope This directive applies to all personnel.
  1. A General Personnel File for each employee is maintained in the administrative office. These files contain three sections:
    1. Administrative File: This file contains active job related information; i.e., appointment information, reappointment letters, performance evaluations, disciplinary reports, commendation letters, requests for outside employment, etc.
    2. Training File: Copies of training certificates for job-related classes.
    3. Medical File: Any medical-related information, including Worker’s Compensation claims
  2. All information, reports or letters pertaining to an employee will be a part of the General Personnel File, with the exception of information obtained during the course of an employee’s background investigation. This information was obtained by assuring confidentiality and all such information will be maintained in a separate file in the administrative office.
  3. Accessibility. Information in the “General Personnel Files” is available for examination under the following conditions:
    1. An employee who wishes to examine their file will request that their immediate supervisor contact the Administrative Manager and schedule an appointment for removing the file to the conference room or other designated area. The supervisor will be present while the employee examines their file. The supervisor is responsible for obtaining and returning the employee’s file.
    2. A Personnel File Request card is to be used when the file is taken for examination. It records the date, who requested the file, and their reason for the request. The supervisor will initial this card. This card is then placed upright in the cabinet where the file has been removed, until it is returned. When the file is returned, the card will be placed in that employee’s folder.
    3. Any Supervisor who wishes to examine the files of subordinates on their own shift will request an appointment for removing the file to a place of examination. The same rules in section C-2 will apply.
    4. No item of information is to be removed from the files nor will copies be made without permission from the Chief of Police or designee.
    5. The Background Information Files are not available to the employee. These are confidential and kept in the same office, but not with the General Personnel File.
    6. The Medical portion of the General Personnel File is not available for examination unless the employee grants written permission.

  4. Annual Examination
    1. Each employee is responsible for examining their personnel file folder at least once a year with their appointment date as a guide.