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Title Administration / Policy B-20
Effective Date 8-1-04
Subject Review of Fleet Collisions
Purpose To provide review of fleet collisions to determine if operator negligence is involved.
Scope This directive applies to all personnel.
  1. Composition of Board:
    1. The board will include a lieutenant, sergeant and officer except where a sergeant is the operator. Board members will be of no lower rank that the supervisor. No member will be appointed from the same shift as the involved officer or from the supervisory chain of command of the operator.
  2. Purpose of the Review:
    1. Review the facts and circumstances surrounding fleet collisions to determine if operator negligence is involved. In the event of minor or no damage, the decision to recommend a board will be the responsibility of the employee’s shift commander.
  3. Board Proceedings:
    1. Review the collision report, supervisor supplement and witness statements.
    2. Inform the driver the purpose of the board, allow the opportunity to make a statement and present any additional evidence pertinent to the collision.
    3. Conduct interviews where needed to explain written material or to gain information.
    4. Determine property damage value and extent of personal injury.
    5. The board will address the cause of the collision. The operator’s actions in relation to each element contributing to the collision will be studied and set forth in such a manner as to clearly show or negate negligence on the part of the driver.
    6. Prepare a written report containing:
      1. Short description of the collision.
      2. Total dollar value of property damage to each party in the collision.
      3. Whether injury was sustained, by whom, and injured parties’ involvement in collision.
      4. Findings to show or negate culpability in violation of Texas Motor Vehicle Laws or departmental policy through acts of commission or omission.
      5. Recommendations for disciplinary action will not be made by the board.
  4. Action at Division Level:
    1. The board’s written report will be forwarded through the division commander to the Chief of Police. The division commander, along with the first line supervisor and commander will recommend exoneration or determine appropriate disciplinary action.