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Title Administration / Policy B-2
Effective Date 8-1-04
Subject Cash Receipts Control — Petty Cash Funds
Purpose To establish policy regarding documentation files for petty cash funds.
Scope This directive applies to all personnel.
  1. Responsibilities:
    1. A documentation file will be established for each petty cash fund maintained in the department. This file will contain:
      1. An authorization for the petty cash fund.
      2. Records that indicate who has been assigned custody of the petty cash and all other correspondence and documentation related to departmental cash handling and control.
      3. Reimbursement vouchers and expenditure receipts plus cash should equal the established amount of the fund ($300.00). Reconciliation form may be completed at any time to verify this. Replenishment of the fund by means of reimbursement voucher should be at least monthly or by August 31st of each fiscal year.
      4. Disbursement of money from the fund must be sufficiently documented to support a reimbursement voucher. Description of item, date paid, discount, price, signature of individual receiving funds, and any additional information needed for support.