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Title Operations / Policy A-16
Effective Date 3-10-07
Subject Emergency Messages
Purpose This policy is meant to set guidelines for receiving emergency messages from outside entities and then delivering the message to a member of the campus community.
Scope This policy applies to all personnel.
CALEA 81.2.11

The delivery of emergency messages received by Teletype or telephone request will be accepted and handled as a service call.

  1. Responsibilities
    1. The message shall be delivered as quickly and professionally as possible.
    2. When delivering a death message officers shall, when possible:
      1. Deliver the message in person.
      2. Use the services of the on call chaplain.
        1. The on-call chaplain shall be contacted by their on duty pager by a supervisor and requested to meet with the officer assigned to deliver the message.
        2. If known, a friend of the family should be contacted to accompany the officer and the chaplain when the message is delivered.
    3. When delivering a message of serious injury or illness the officer:
      1. Shall attempt to make contact by telephone. If unable to make contact, the officer shall make notification in person.
      2. May request the assistance of the on call chaplain in delivering the message.
    4. These procedures apply to both those requests made locally and those initiated by other agencies.