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Title Operations / Policy A-15
Effective Date 10-1-06
Subject Special Response Team
Purpose To establish guidelines for the operation, training, and deployment of the SRT at The University of Texas at Austin.
Scope This directive applies to commissioned officers.
CALEA 41.1.4, 41.2.5, 46.2.5

The Special Response Team was formed to assist the Patrol Division with managing and controlling large or unruly crowds. The SRT will normally be deployed as part of an operations plan for scheduled events.

  1. Participation in the SRT will be voluntary. When a vacancy becomes available, those officers wanting to participate will be asked to submit a memo through the chain of command. Officers are reminded that although participation is voluntary, there is an expectation that the officer will remain on the SRT a reasonable amount of time due to the cost of providing the uniform and the fitted equipment.
    1. Criteria that will be used to select members are:
      1. Review of job performance
      2. Review of use of force incidents
      3. Review of complaints
      4. Assessment of physical fitness and mental stability
    2. The Division Captains will make the final decisions on who becomes a new member.
  2. The SRT members will be on call for emergency call outs. Each member will be issued a pager, and is responsible for monitoring the pager on a timely basis so a quick response can be made. Compensation will be afforded during any call out. [SOP 43] When possible, prior assignments will be made similar to overtime.
  3. When the SRT is deployed, the Commander of the scene will hold the rank of Captain or higher.
  4. SRT members trained as Grenadiers will be the only personnel allowed to regularly carry and discharge the less-lethal weapons. The less-lethal weapons will be the shotguns marked for less-lethal and the 37 mm launchers. The munitions used will vary depending on the situation.
    1. Discharging a less-lethal weapon will only occur at the direction of the Scene Commander. (In life saving scenarios, any member can utilize any weapon at their disposal.)
    2. Mandatory Grenadier Training/Recertification will take place biennially.
  5. Members of the SRT will store their equipment in the issued equipment bag. The bags will be stored in the designated storage area. Members shall have a laminated business card plainly visible on the outside of the bag.
  6. SRT will have at least two, full team, training sessions per year. When practicable, one should be in conjunction with an outside agency’s SRT / Crowd Management Team.
  7. The SRT uniform will be issued to each member. The uniform will consist of:
    1. HEAVY:
      1. Black BDU Trousers
      2. Black BDU Blouse, Tuck style
      3. Kevlar Helmet and Face Shield
      4. Nomex Gloves
      5. Load Bearing Vest
      6. Sam Browne:
        1. Thigh Holster
        2. Magazine Pouch
        3. Flashlight Holder
        4. Radio Pouch
        5. Baton Ring
        6. 36" Baton
        7. Gas Mask Pouch
      7. Hydration System
      8. Shin Guards
      9. Black Tactical Boots, All leather preferred
      10. Transducer Mic/Headphones
    2. LIGHT (Similar in appearance to K9 Officers):
      1. Black BDU Trousers
      2. Black BDU Blouse, Tuck style
      3. Duty Sam Browne
      4. Black Tactical Boots, All leather preferred