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Title Operations / Policy A-1
Effective Date 4-7-06
Rescinds 11-14-05
Subject Body Armor
Purpose To establish policy regarding the use, control and care of body armor.
Scope This directive applies to commissioned officers.
CALEA 41.3.5, 41.3.6
  1. Responsibilities:
    1. The department will purchase body armor (protective vests) for all sworn personnel. Officers are required to wear body armor any time they are in uniform. Officers shall:
      1. Present the vest for inspection when requested by a Supervisor.
      2. Be responsible for proper storage, security, maintenance, and cleaning of the body armor panels, ballistic inserts, and carrying case.
      3. Notify a Supervisor and Procurement Officer when the vest is damaged or requires repair or replacement.
    2. Officers involved in the execution of high-risk tactical duties are required to wear their vest whenever discharging those responsibilities. Examples of high-risk tactical situations include, but are not necessarily limited to, planned warrant executions, drug raids, etc.
    3. Officers may wear personally owned body armor if the body armor meets or exceeds the threat level of departmental issued body armor.