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August 23, 2017

Campus Watch: Below is a summary of campus criminal activity reported
to or observed by The University of Texas At Austin Police Department
Patrol Officers between 08/07/17 and 08/21/2017

Coffee With A Cop: Join us for casual conversation on 08/25/17 from
08:00am-11:00 am at the Starbucks Located inside North End Zone at
405 E. 23rd Street. All are welcome to ask questions, voice concerns and
get to know the officers who patrol where you live, learn and work!

CVS Pharmacy 2222 Guadalupe

Assault on a Public Servant (Peace Officer): A UTPD officer observed a
woman loitering in front of the store despite the fact that the store
prohibits such behavior. The officer quickly learned that the loiterer had
active warrants for her arrest. As the officer attempted to take the
woman into custody, the suspect grabbed the officer’s groin area. The
suspect told the officer that she found him attractive and believed he
would appreciate the contact. She was mistaken. The suspect was
transported to Travis County Central Booking. Occurred on 08/18/17 at
11:09 pm.

1900 Block of Guadalupe Street

Operating a Vehicle with Expired Registration/Failure to Maintain Financial
Responsibility/ Warrant Arrest: A UTPD officer observed a vehicle with
expired registration. The officer stopped the vehicle and determined that
the driver had no driver’s license or insurance. The driver also had
multiple arrest warrants for drug possession. The driver was taken into
custody and transported to Travis County Central Booking. Occurred on
08/13/17 at 05:04 am.

1700 Block of Red River Street

Speeding/Wrong Fictitious, Altered or Obscured License Plate/ Driving
while License Invalid/ Possession of Marijuana (less than 2 oz): A UTPD
officer observed a speeding truck near the intersection of Martin Luther
King Boulevard and Red River. Upon realizing that he was about to be
stopped by the police, the driver quickly turned into a nearby parking lot,
quickly collected property and abandoned the vehicle – leaving the area
on foot. The first officer stayed with the vehicle while a second detained
the driver nearby. The officers quickly learned that the driver had no
license and has a previous conviction for it. They also determined that the
truck was displaying license plates for a different vehicle. Since the driver
had a prior conviction and the offense level is higher in those instances,
he was taken into custody. A search incidental to arrest yielded a small
amount of marijuana. He was transported to Travis County Central
Booking without incident. Occurred on 08/15/17 at 1:28 pm.

Frank Erwin Center 1701 Red River Street

Theft: A concert goer left her purse and shoes unattended. When she
returned from a trip to the restroom, she found that the property had
been taken. The total loss is estimated to be $285.00. Occurred on
08/19/17 at 10:00 pm.

200 Block of W. Martin Luther King Boulevard: Dr

Driving While License Invalid/ Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Operation
of Vehicle with Expired License Plate/Possession of Alcoholic Beverage in
Vehicle: A UTPD Officer (the same officer as the one in the previous
entry) observed a vehicle traveling without a registration sticker or a
front license plate as required by law. When the officer initiated a traffic
stop, the driver almost instantly exited the vehicle and aggressed towards
the patrol vehicle. The driver put his hands behind his back and initially
refused to comply with the officer’s commands. Eventually, the driver
complied but remained in an agitated state. The officer determined that
the driver did not have a license and had been previously convicted for it.
The driver was taken into custody and transported to Travis County
Central Booking. A search incidental to arrest yielded drug paraphernalia
and an open container of alcohol in the vehicle. Occurred on 08/15/17 at
4:30 pm.

CVS Pharmacy 2222 Guadalupe Street

Criminal Trespass/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: A UTPD officer
observed an individual causing a disturbance in the doorway to the store.
The officer knew the suspect to have received a prior criminal trespass
warning from that location. The offender was quickly taken into custody
and charged with criminal trespass. A search incidental to arrest yielded
drug paraphernalia. Occurred on 08/17/17 at 1:42pm.

Gregory Gymnasium 2101 Speedway

Theft: A UT student left his wallet unattended while playing basketball.
The wallet contained the victim’s driver’s license and several credit and
debit cards. Reported on 08/08/17 at 10:45 pm.

Crime Prevention Tip: Theft of unattended property at Gregory Gym and
other locations on campus is very common. Never leave your property
unattended – not even for a second!

600 Block of W. 28th Street

Public Intoxication/Consumption of Alcohol by A Minor/Fictitious License:
A UTPD officer observed a man stumbling in the roadway. Upon seeing
the officer, the man changed direction apparently in an attempt to avoid
being seen by the officer. Officers detained the man who promptly
produced a fake driver’s license. Officers saw through the ruse and were
able to positively identify the man. The suspect was intoxicated to the
point of being a danger to himself or others and, as the law requires, was
taken into custody. No charges were filed for the false ID. Occurred on
08/20/17 at 8:54 pm.

The University of Texas Police Department responded to 1242 calls for
service (286 of those were alarms), performed 331 traffic stops, made 39
criminal arrests, wrote 76 citations, conducted 126 foot patrols and
investigated 7 welfare concerns between 08/07/2017 and 08/21/2017.

Today’s Campus Watch was prepared by: Officer Mike Murphy

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