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February 21, 2017

Campus Watch: Below is a summary of campus activity reported to or
observed by The University of Texas At Austin Police Department Patrol
Officers between Monday 02/20/17 and Tuesday 02/21/17.

****Scam Alert****

With the beginning of tax season we have received multiple calls
regarding attempted scams. These scams are very similar to the ones
we have seen the last two years. An unknown caller clones the
telephone number of a local law enforcement agency or a university’s
telephone number. The caller then uses the cloned number to call a
student. The caller tells the student that the student owes back taxes,
tuition, or failed to complete necessary paperwork. The caller then tells
the student he or she owes money and will either be arrested or kicked-
out of school if the student does not make a payment. The caller
advises the student if they disconnect the phone call, a warrant will be
issued for their arrest. The caller then walks the student through making
a wire transfer. In recent cases, the caller has instructed students to
purchase gift cards and subsequently provide the gift card number over
the phone as payment. Please keep in mind, law enforcement agencies
and universities will not demand payment over the phone. They also do
not demand payment in the form of gift cards. If you receive this type
of call, get information from the caller to include their name, the
department they work for, the name of their supervisor and a case or
file number. Disconnect the call and contact the department the person
said they were calling from to verify the information.


Thanks to an alert reader of the Campus Watch, the suspect from
Monday’s be on the lookout flyer has been captured. Read more about
the arrest below.

100 Block of Dean Keeton Street

Theft: A UT student misplaced her wallet in the 100 Block of Dean
Keeton. When she realized her error and checked the area the wallet
was gone. Reported on 02/20/17 at 11:09 am.

Perry–Castañeda Library 101 E. 21st Street

Criminal Trespass Warning: UTPD Officers were summoned to the library
in regards to a suspicious person. The man was said to be making
people feel uncomfortable and encroaching on the personal space of
patrons. Officers located the man, issued him a criminal trespass
warning and ejected him from campus. Occurred on 02/20/17 at 11:25

Neural and Molecular Science Building 2506 Speedway

Credit/Debit Card Abuse: A credit card was fraudulently used to make
online purchases. The investigation is ongoing. Reported on 02/20/17 at
11:37 am.

Perry–Castañeda Library 101 E. 21st Street

Theft: A UT student left his cell phone unattended inside the library.
When he returned to the area he found that the phone had been stolen.
The cost of replacing the phone is estimated to be $700.00. Reported on
02/20/17 at 1:50 pm.

Jackson Geological Sciences Building 2305 Speedway

Evading Arrest or Detention/Multiple Felony Warrant Arrest: On
02/20/17, we attached a flyer to be on the lookout (BOLO) for a suspect
wanted for multiple felonies. A particularly alert reader of the Campus
Watch saw that flyer, printed it out and hung it in her office. Later that
day she saw the very man featured on that BOLO flyer inside the
building. She quickly called UTPD and reported his location. UTPD
officers arrived on scene and located the suspect. Upon seeing the
officers, the wanted man decided to get some exercise and tried to run
away. What he did not realize was that the responding officer is a
member of UTPD’s bike team and was up for the challenge. The officer
easily won the footrace and took the fugitive into custody. He was then
transported to Travis County Central Booking where he will answer for
his crimes against members of our Campus Community. Occurred on
02/20/17 at 13:50

To the staff member who submitted that tip: Thank You from all of us at
The University of Texas at Austin Police Department. You went above
and beyond and we are truly grateful. Since the tip led to a criminal
arrest, the staff member has demonstrated that they are Hungry For
Justice and will receive a free pizza delivered by yours truly and other
members of our department. As a reminder, the Hungry for Justice
Program rewards anyone who reports a tip that leads to a criminal
arrest with a free pizza.

Hearst Student Media 2504 C Whitis Avenue

Harassment: A UT student reported that they were receiving unwanted
communications from an acquaintance. Occurred on 02/20/17 at 6:15

2100 Block of San Jacinto

Theft: A UT Student flagged down a passing UTPD officer to report that
he had found a wallet. The officer located the owner of that wallet. The
owner reported that cash was missing. Reported on 02/21/17 at 12:09
The University of Texas at Austin Police Department responded to 17
Alarm Reports, 43 Traffic Violations, 11 Foot Patrols, 1 Fire, 13
Suspicious Activity Reports, 2 Assist Other Law Enforcement Agency
Calls, and 23 Public Assists between Monday 02/20/17 and Tuesday
Today’s Campus Watch was prepared by: Officer M. Murphy
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