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May 15, 2006

Gregory Gym, 2101 Speedway

Occurred on 5-12-06, at 6:30 PM.

Theft of Service (3 counts) / Criminal Trespass (3 counts): Three non-UT subjects presented counterfeit Rec Sports day passes and entered the building to play basketball. During the investigation, the officers located all three subjects and escorted them off the basketball court to the main lobby. In addition to other law enforcement action taken, all three subjects were issued written criminal trespass warnings.

Jester Center West, 201 East 21st Street

Occurred on 5-13-06, at 12:12 AM.

Assault: A UT student reported being assaulted by his girlfriend during an argument. The victim stated his girlfriend had asked to him to elope and when he told her ok she got mad. She struck him with a closed fist to the side of his head and struck him with an open hand on the other side.

Mike Myers Stadium, 707 Clyde Littlefield

Occurred on 5-13-06, between 5:45 PM and 7:30 PM.

Theft: A black wallet containing, $263.00, in cash, several credit cards, and several forms of personal identification were stolen from inside a closed purse. During the investigation, the wallet was located inside a trashcan, minus the cash. Loss value: $263.00.

Moore-Hill Dormitory, 214 East 21st Street

Occurred on 5-14-06, at 2:38 AM.

Criminal Mischief / Public Intoxication: A UT staff member discovered a broken stairwell window and a small pool of blood on the landing below the broken window. As the staff member entered onto the third floor, from the stairwell, he observed an intoxicated UT student running into the bathroom with a rubber band wrapped around his bleeding hand. The staff member went into the bathroom and witnessed the student attempting to stop the bleeding with cotton balls and Scotch tape. The student was unable to stop the bleeding, so the staff member left the bathroom to get medical help. Prior to the arrival of the UT police officer, the subject had checked himself into a local area hospital for medical treatment. Officers met with the subject at the hospital and observed the following signs of intoxication: blood shot eyes, strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, and a 1 inch cut on his thumb. The student, under the legal age of 21 years of age, stated to the officers that he earlier had been "rejected by a girl" which caused him to take a beer bottle and smash it. In addition to all law enforcement action taken, The UT Environmental Health and Safety Department was called out to properly dispose of all the biohazardous waste.

Crime Prevention Tip:

In this case, the suspect was claiming to have injured his thumb by smashing a beer bottle. Had he been an avid CSI viewer, he would have known crime scenes never lie, only suspects.

Parking Lot 103, 2100 Block Comal

Occurred on 5-13-06, between 10:15 AM and 11:15 AM.

Burglary of Motor Vehicle: A black leather wallet, containing $30.00, in cash, two gift cards, two credit cards, and a driver's license were stolen from an unsecured vehicle. Loss value: $200.00.

200 Block Jester Center Drive

Occurred on 5-14-06, at 6:15 PM.

Assault with Bodily Injury: Several UT students contacted the University Police Department to report an assault behind Prather Dormitory. Witnesses observed an Asian male push an Asian female into the back seat of a 1999 Toyota Camry and begin "Manhandling" the woman by slapping her. Each time she attempted to escape he would push her back into the vehicle. During the investigation, the suspect told the officer that he did not remember hitting his girlfriend because he was "in the heat of the moment." The officers talked with the victim and observed visible injuries to her upper arms and back.

Crime Prevention Tip:

Kudos to the students that notified UTPD with regards to this assault. One of the many suggestions we make to all students and staff members is to preprogram the main University Police telephone number into your cellular telephones (512-471-4441). Quick reporting leads to a quicker response by law enforcement officers.

Kinsolving Dormitory, 2605 Whitis Ave

Occurred between 5-03-06, at 5:00 PM and 5-12-06, at 3:30 PM.

Theft: A purple and black Kona mountain bicycle was stolen from the bike racks located on the west side of the building after being secured with a cable lock. Loss value: $ 250.00.

200 Block West 24th Street

Occurred on 5-12-06, at 11:30 PM.

Public Intoxication / Assist Outside Agency: A non-UT subject was observed staggering and having difficultly maintaining his balance as he was walking. The subject stopped an unidentified subject and began talking to him. As the subject was talking, officers observed that the front of the subject's pants began to get darker in color as a pool of urine formed around his feet. The unidentified subject he was talking too turned and walked away. Officers stopped the non-UT subject and noted the following signs of intoxication: strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person, slurred speech, and unsure balance. During the investigation, officers determined that the subject was a danger to himself. In addition to other law enforcement action taken the subject was found to have two outstanding outside agency arrest warrants for Public Intoxication.

2300 Block Guadalupe

Occurred on 5-13-06, at 11:05 PM.

Public Intoxication / Assist Outside Agency: A non-UT subject was observed being belligerent and aggressively stopping people for money. When stopped by the police officer, the subject continued to be belligerent. The officers detected a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person, saw that he had bloodshot eyes, and had a difficult time maintaining his balance. During the investigation, the officers determined the subject was intoxicated and posed a danger to others. In addition to other law enforcement action taken, the subject was found to have two outstanding outside agency arrest warrants from Comal County for Resisting Arrest and Failure to Appear.


It is been stated a number of times during the course of this school year about the dangers and ramifications of alcohol. So let me summarize: Since August of 2005, there have been 420 alcohol related arrests on campus. This is 420 arrests to many.

Campus Wide

Occurred at various times.

Non-Criminal Calls: In addition to the above criminal cases, The University of Texas Police Department responded to 23 alarm calls, 10 unsecured door reports, 1 collision report, 2 medical emergency calls, and 1 suspicious activity report between 05-12-06 and 05-15-06.