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December 16, 2005

Jester Center West, 201 East 21st Street

Occurred on 12-15-05 at 5:11 AM.

Assault: Two UT students began to argue in one of the two students 4th floor dormitory room while studying for a common class test. One of the students grabbed the other around the wrist when she attempted to run from the room. The grabbed student sustained a small cut from the other students fingernail. The grabbed student was able to run from the room and summons the police department.

Parking Lot 104, 1900 North IH-35

Discovered on 12-16-05 at 1:15 AM.

Burglary of Motor Vehicle: The right front window was broken out of a 1995 Ford Explorer while it was parked in the Parking Lot. An unknown brand AM / FM / CD stereo was stolen from the vehicle. The owner described the type of stereo as a cheapie stereo. Repair cost: $150.00. Loss value: $100.00.

Crime Prevention Tip:

Thieves will steal anything. I mean anything. Do not think a thief will pass your vehicle over because you do not have a high dollar stereo. In this case, the victim will need to invest in the neighborhood of $250.00 to restore his vehicle to what it was yesterday. The thief made away with maybe a $50.00 used stereo. The thief knows he came out ahead on the deal. Take action; do not leave anything inside your vehicle and conceal the type of stereo you have. Place a beach towel on your dash-board too cover your radio. Install an alarm system and park in well lit areas that have high traffic.

Robert Lee Moore Hall, 2515 Speedway

Occurred between 12-5-05 and 12-6-05 at 8:00 AM.

Theft: A key ring containing between 20 and 25 keys was stolen from an unsecured desk located inside a secured 5th floor office. Additional interviews revealed it is possible several unauthorized keys had previously been made for this area.

Crime Prevention Tip:

Key control can not be over-stated. In this case, key security was lost sometime in the past; which may have contributed to this theft. Every department on campus needs to be diligent in maintaining key control. To do this, consider the following:

  • Make sure keys are not left in unsecured desks or cabinets.
  • Keys issued to an individual need to stay with that individual. They are not to be handed from one person to another.
  • Do not label keys with the name or room number they operate.
  • If keys are to be issued out from a department on a temporary basis, then those keys should be maintained in a secure location and a key sign-out procedure should be implemented.
  • Keys should be turned in before an employee or student is terminated or leaves the department.
  • Limit the amount of keys your department issues. There are several locking alternatives that can allow you to provide access to those who need it without the issuance of keys. Card reader systems work well for this. There are stand alone systems that can be installed at significantly lower cost than hardwired card readers. These stand alone smart locks allow a department to provide access via a card reader, a punch-code keypad or a key. For more information on such systems, contact UT Locks & Keys.
  • Install an alarm system inside a room with a key control problem. The key may allow an unauthorized subject entry into a room, but an alarm will notify the police department of the presence of an intruder.

Walter Webb Hall, 2500 Guadalupe

Discovered on 12-16-05 at 1:59 AM.

Graffiti: Red paint and a black marker were used to write letters and words on the west and north exterior walls of the building. Removal cost: $40.00.

2700 Guadalupe

Occurred on 12-16-05 at 5:02 AM.

Public Intoxication / Possession of Anothers Driver License: An unidentified subject flagged down an officer to report a UT student, who was under the age of 21, as either passed out or dead in the Parking Lot of the Burger King. The responding officer found the student lying on his back by a pick-up truck. The student was found to have consumed an alcoholic beverage to the point he was a physical endangerment to himself and others. The student was found to be in possession of his brothers driver license. His brother, as listed on the driver license is 21 years old.

1700 Lavaca

Occurred on 12-16-05 at 3:24 AM.

Driving While Intoxicated: A non-UT subject was stopped for driving a 2005 Subaru Baja the wrong way on a one-way roadway. The subject was found to be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage to the point he was driving while intoxicated.

Campus Wide

Occurred at various times.

Non-Criminal Calls: In addition to the above criminal cases, The University of Texas Police Department responded to 14 alarm calls, 2 public assist requests, 1 EMS call and 2 suspicious activity calls between 12-15-05 and 12-16-05.