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October 28, 2005

Colorado Apartments, 2501 Lake Austin

Occurred on 10-27-05 between 5:45 PM and 6:05 PM.

Criminal Trespass: A non-UT subject was reported as banging on apartment windows and doors and looking into apartment windows. One resident reported the subject was aggressively soliciting money. The subject was issued a written criminal trespass warning.

2300 San Jacinto

Occurred on 10-27-05 at 4:10 PM.

Public Intoxication / possession of Drug Paraphernalia: A non-UT subject was stopped after he was nearly struck by a passing vehicle he had stepped in front of while crossing the street. The subject believed the time of day was 10:00 AM. The subject was found to be under the influence of an unknown substance to the point he was a physical endangerment to himself and others. The subject was found to be in possession of a rock that had been altered to create a pipe. The bowl of the rock pipe contained burned marijuana residue.

Crime Prevention Tip:

You do not need to be drunk to be charged with public intoxication. In Texas, a police officer needs to show evidence of the following to charge someone with public intoxication:

  • The person is in a public place
  • The person is under the influence of alcohol or another substance
  • The person is a physical danger to themselves or someone else

2300 San Jacinto

Occurred on 10-28-05 at 3:45 AM.

Driving Under the Influence by a Minor: A non-UT subject, who was under the age of 21, was stopped after speeding, running a stop sign and crossing the center line of traffic while driving a silver Mercedes. The subject was found to have consumed alcoholic beverages, but not to the point he was driving while intoxicated.

San Jacinto Residence Hall, 309 East 21st Street

Occurred between 10-26-05 at 7:50 PM and 10-27-05 at 7:40 AM.

Theft: A black Trek bicycle was stolen while it was secured with a u-lock to a bicycle rack located on the northwest side of the dormitory. The u-lock was still secured to the bicycle rack when the theft was discovered. Loss value: $400.00.

Crime Prevention Tip:

How you secure your bicycle is every bit as important as what you use to secure your bicycle. While checking bicycle racks on campus, I have found several cases in which a u-lock was placed around the front fork and above the front wheel as a method to secure the bicycle to the bicycle rack. All a thief would need to do to steal the bicycle is disconnect the front wheel, slide the fork through the u-lock and reattach the front wheel. Make sure you use the u-lock to secure the bicycle frame and front tire to the bicycle rack.

Stonelake, 4030 West Braker

Occurred between 10-20-05 at 5:00 PM and 10-21-05 at 8:30 AM.

Burglary: A Dell Latitude c610 laptop computer and an LCD projector were stolen form a secured 2nd floor conference room. Loss value: $4,000.00.

Union Building, #4 West Mall

Occurred on 10-27-05 between 10:10 AM and 10:35 AM.

Theft: A Jansport back pack containing two textbooks was stolen when it was left by a chair in a 3rd floor hallway while the owner slept in the chair. Loss value: $180.00.

Crime Prevention Tip:

Sleeping in a public place puts you and your property at risk. If you find yourself dozing off, gather your property and take a walk. This will get your blood flowing and help to wake you up. If you absolutely need to take a nap, then wrap your backpacks shoulder strap around your leg, or use the backpack as a foot rest or a pillow. Also, to aid in the recovery of your textbooks if they are stolen; select the same page in every textbook you own say page 76. Write your state issued driver license or identification card number on that page in every textbook you own. This will allow the police to identify and recover your textbook if it is stolen.

200 West 24th Street

Occurred on 10-28-05 at 12:15 AM.

Public Intoxication / Evading: A UT student, who was under the age of 21, was found performing a bodily function on a tree located on the north side of the roadway. When officer ordered the student to stop, he fled the area on foot. Officers chased the subject on foot and were able to stop him in his dormitory. The student was found to be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage to the point he was a physical endangerment to himself.

Campus Wide

Occurred at various times.

Non-Criminal Calls: In addition to the above criminal cases, The University of Texas Police Department responded to 17 alarm calls, 2 unsecured door, 1 motor vehicle collision, 1 medical emergency call, and 4 requests for service between 10-27-05 and 10-28-05.

*****Halloween Safety Tips*****


  • Know the route your kids will be taking.
  • Make sure that a trusted adult is going with your children. If you can't take them, see if another parent or a teen aged sibling can go along.
  • Know what other activities your children may be attending, such as parties, school or mall functions.
  • Set a time that your children should be home. Make sure they know how important it is for them to be home on time.
  • Plan costumes that are bright and / or reflective. Make sure the costume fits well to prevent tripping or visual impairments dont forget about the shoes (clown shoes have been known to cause falls)
  • Consider adding reflective tape or striping to costumes and trick-or-treat bags.
  • Secure emergency identification (name, address, phone number) discreetly within Halloween attire or on a bracelet.
  • Use non-toxic and hypoallergenic makeup or a decorative hat as a safe alternative to a mask this will allow greater visibility.
  • When shopping for costumes, wigs and accessories, purchase only those with a label indicating they are flame resistant.
  • Think twice before using simulated knives, guns or swords. If such props must be used, be certain they do not appear authentic and are soft and flexible to prevent injury.
  • Obtain flashlights with fresh batteries for all children and their escorts.
  • Plan ahead to use only battery powered lanterns or chemical lightsticks in place of candles in decorations and costumes.
  • This is also a great time to buy fresh batteries for your home Smoke Alarms.
  • Teach children their home phone number and to how call 9-1-1 (or their local emergency number) if they have an emergency or become lost. Remind them that 9-1-1 can be dialed free from any phone.
  • Review with your children the principle of "Stop-Drop-Roll", should their clothes catch on fire.
  • Openly discuss appropriate and inappropriate behavior at Halloween time.
  • Consider purchasing individually packaged healthy food alternatives (or safe non-food treats) for those who visit your home.
  • Take extra effort to eliminate tripping hazards on your porch and walkway. Check around your property for flower pots, low tree limbs, support wires or garden hoses that may prove hazardous to young children rushing from house to house.
  • Learn or review CPR skills to aid someone who is choking or having a heart attack.
  • Parents should check outdoor lights and replace burned-out bulbs.
  • Restrain pets so they do not inadvertently jump on or bite a trick-or-treater.
  • Plan your night in advance; know where you are going, how you will get there, how you plan to get back, how much money your night will cost and only take that amount of money.
  • Know your limits and stick to them.
  • Avoid risky behaviors or situations like drinking games / challenges don't double dog dare anyone and don't fall into such a trap from another.
  • Use safe drivers / sober friends for your party quests.
  • Take a sober friend with you to keep you out of too much mischief.