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October 20, 2005

Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, 405 East 23rd Street

Occurred between 9-17-05 at 11:00 PM and 10-15-05 at 7:15 AM.

Theft: Two pairs of battery operated speakers with built in wireless receivers and two speaker stands were stolen from a storage room located on the west side of the stadium. Loss value: $800.00.

East Mall

Discovered on 10-20-05 at 3:40 AM.

Graffiti: Red paint was used to write words on the steps located between Welch Hall and Waggener Hall. Removal cost: $40.00.

Gregory Gym, 2101 Speedway

Occurred on 10-19-05 between 1:20 PM and 1:50 PM.

Theft: A grey Jansport backpack containing a pair of Sennheiser headphones, a Verizon cell phone, and a brown Fossil wallet with identification and credit cards was stolen when it was left in an unsecured locker located inside a 2nd floor weight room. Loss value: $200.00.

Crime Prevention Tip:

This is the second day in a row that a theft occurred in the gym while the owner worked out in the same room. In both cases, the property was left unattended and unsecured. In this case, the owner failed to invest a quarter to protect his property. Do not rely on your presence in the room to deter a thief. If you are not actively watching your property or you do not secure your property in a locker, then your property is at risk for being stolen.

Parking Lot 70, 2000 Robert Dedman

Occurred on 10-19-05 at 11:26 AM.

Criminal Trespass: A non-UT subject was found placing flyers on the windshields of vehicles parked in the Parking Lot. The subject was issued a written criminal trespass warning.

Crime Prevention Tip:

The UT Regents Rules and Regulations prohibit solicitation on UT property. Sometimes auto burglars will stake out a lot under the guise of flyer distribution for a business. If you see someone disbursing flyers on parked cars on UT property, notify the police department at 471-4441.

Physical Plant #6, 1500 Manor

Occurred between 10-18-05 at 4:00 PM and 10-19-05 at 7:05 AM.

Graffiti: Green paint was used to write a disparaging comment about the authors view of law enforcement on the south side of the building. Removal cost: $35.00.

University Interscholastic League Building, 1701 Manor

Discovered on 10-19-05 at 1:30 PM.

Graffiti: White paint was used to write letters on the north exterior wall of the building. Removal cost: $40.00.

Campus Wide

Occurred at various times.

Non-Criminal Calls: In addition to the above criminal cases, The University of Texas Police Department responded to 12 alarm calls, 2 suspicious activity reports, 1 motor vehicle collision, 1 medical emergency call and 2 requests for service between 10-19-05 and 10-20-05.