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August 11, 2005

Development Office Building, 2901 North IH 35

Occurred between 8-9-05 at 5:00 PM and 8-10-05 at 7:45 AM.

Burglary of Motor Vehicle: The right front window was broken out of a 2003 BMW 4-door while the vehicle was parked on the south side of the building. The contents of the glove compartment box and the center console were rifled through. No items were stolen from the vehicle. Repair cost: $150.00.

Crime Prevention Tip:

In this case, the owner of the vehicle had left several items inside the vehicle. The thief, who could see these items through the cars window, broke into the vehicle to look for items of value. Let a thief know there is nothing to steal inside your vehicle. Keep your cars windows intact do not leave any items inside your vehicle.

2400 Guadalupe

Occurred on 8-11-05 at 1:40 AM.

Public Intoxication (2 counts) / Resisting: A UT bicycle patrol officer observed a male non-UT subject and a female non-UT subject in the grass median on the north side of a pay-to-park Parking Lot. The female subject had removed her shirt and was lying down. The male subject was seated next to the female subject. As the officer approached, the male subject threw down his keys and exclaimed he would not be arrested for DWI. Both subjects were found to be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage to the point they were a physical endangerment to themselves. The female subject attempted to prevent transportation by bracing her legs against a police vehicles door frame. Once inside the police car, the female refused to exit once they arrived at their destination.

Parking Lot 103, 2100 Comal

Occurred between 8-7-05 at 10:30 PM and 8-10-05 at 8:20 AM.

Burglary of Motor Vehicle: The right window was broken out of a white Chevrolet pick-up truck while it was parked and unattended. A Panasonic Ghost AM / FM / CD stereo with a removable faceplate, an I-pod FM transmitter, a Monster Cable FM transmitter, a pair of white Sony headphones, a floor jack and a bag of miscellaneous tools were stolen from the vehicle. Repair cost: $150.00. Loss value: $430.00.

Sarah M. & Charles E. Seay Psychology, 108 East Dean Keeton

Occurred on 8-10-05 at 11:57 AM.

Harassment: The former acquaintance of a UT staff member placed an unwanted and annoying telephone call to the staff members 1st floor office after the former acquaintance was advised by an outside police agency to stop contacting the staff member. The former acquaintance also sent an unwanted e-mail to the staff members work e-mail address.

Campus Wide

Occurred at various times.

Non-Criminal Calls: In addition to the above criminal cases, The University of Texas Police Department responded to 12 alarm calls, 1 unsecured door report, 2 suspicious activity reports and 1 call for service between 8-10-05 and 8-11-05.