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September 15, 2004

Colorado Apartments, 2501 Lake Austin

Occurred between 9-13-04 at 9:00 p.m. and 9-14-04 at 8:11 p.m.

Criminal Mischief: A UT student reported the right front passenger window to her vehicle had been broken out and the trunk and gas tank were left open. Repair cost $250.00.

Parking Lot 114, Leona at 21st

Occurred between 9-14-04 at 11:30 a.m. and 9-14-04 at 4:30 p.m.

Burglary of Vehicle: The passenger side window of a truck parked and secured in the lot was broken out, the dashboard was damaged, the faceplate to a CD player taken and the interior of the vehicle severely damaged by rainwater.

Peter T. Flawn Academic Center, #2 West Mall

Reported on 9-15-04 at 3:45 a.m.

Criminal Mischief: Several rungs were damaged and several others were missing from a safety rail located on the northwest corner of the building. Replacement cost: $150.00.

Track/Soccer Field House, 2011 East Campus

Occurred on 9-14-04 at 6:26 a.m.

Criminal Trespass: A non-UT subject entered the building and was found by officers on the second floor of the building. The subject was issued a written criminal trespass warning.

West Mall Office Building, #3 West Mall

Reported on 9-14-04 at 10:23 a.m.

Suspicious Activity: A UT staff member reported their office received two envelopes with writing on the front and back that alarmed them.

2400 Speedway

Occurred on 9-14-04 at 8:00 p.m.

Bicycle Collision: Two UT students collided head on while riding their bikes on the east curbline of the street. Both students received minor injuries and were treated by EMS on the scene. A parked car was listed as obstructing the bicyclists' view, contributing to the collision.