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August 5, 2004


The alert concerns false bank deposit night drop boxes. Apparently, thieves will construct a false box to place over a bank's night drop box. Once the box is in place, the thieves simply wait for unsuspecting bank customers to drop their daily deposits into the false box. The thieves will then simply remove the false box containing the deposits and drive away with your money. When dealing with cash, it is always better to make your deposits face to face with a bank teller. If you must use a night drop box, then use one you are familiar with and spend a minute to examine the box for any changes in its appearance.

McCombs School of Business, 2110 Speedway

Occurred between 07-15-04 and 8-3-04.

Theft: An Iomega Quick Touch external DVD Burner was stolen from a secured 6th floor room. Loss value: $125.00.